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Cycling to school

The biggest concern of adults when it comes to children cycling to school is the perceived danger. We offer Bikeability training courses to help children feel more confident, develop road safety skills and learn to recognise and manage risk. 

Save money and the environment 

One in 5 cars in the morning rush hour is on the school run. So, if your child cycles to school they’ll be helping to reduce congestion on the roads and lower CO2 emissions. 

You could also be saving money as the average cost of driving your child to school for a year is over £400, based on approved mileage rates from the Inland Revenue. 

Be seen and be safe 

When they’re cycling to school make sure your child can be seen. It’s important that other path and road users can see them, so they should wear fluorescent, high visibility clothing during the day and reflective material when it’s dark. 

If they’re using a shared path for cyclists and pedestrians, encourage your child to slow down, ring their bell and says thanks when passing. 

Starting out 

If your child is planning to cycle to school for the first time, try to:  

  • plan the route together in advance, finding quieter roads and cycle paths where possible 
  • practise the journey at the weekend when the roads are likely to be quieter 
  • accompany your child for a few days and, as they gain confidence, gradually reduce how far you go with them 
  • suggest they find a friend to cycle with. 

See our guide to buying a child’s bike.


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