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BAT bus

BAT Bus is a door-to-door bus service for people who live in postcodes BH1 through to BH11 who find it difficult to use public transport.

The buses have a lift/ramp and accessible steps to make it easy to get on and off and are also suitable for people who use manual or powered wheelchairs. Carers, guide and assistance dogs can also travel on BAT Bus.

BAT Bus routes

Bus 1

  • Sovereign Centre, Boscombe (drop off at entrance to car park and pick up at The Garden Cafe)

Shopping time approximately 2 hours.

Bus 2

  • Castlepoint Shopping Centre (drop off at Shopmobility)
  • Castlepoint Shopping Centre Top Mall (drop off outside M&S)

Shopping time approximately 2 hours.

Social outings

Every Wednesday afternoon and all day on alternate Saturdays, BAT Bus takes members out to places of local interest. Outings often include a stop so that members can have lunch together. A list of outings is sent to members with a quarterly newsletter.


To use the BAT Bus, you must first join the scheme.
Annual costs and fares apply.

To find out more or join the scheme: