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Waste Investigations Support and Enforcement

About the service

We have recently appointed an external company, Waste Investigations Support and Enforcement (WISE) to work in partnership with us to undertake investigations and issue fixed penalty notices for littering, flytipping, waste duty of care and fly-posting incidents.
WISE will enforce all legislation in accordance with the law and in line with our enforcement policy, as set out in the contract.  The officers have delegated powers through the Council and if an offence is witnessed and evidenced, it is a further offence if people do not provide their correct details when requested.

WISE officer protocol 

All WISE officers are screened and vetted and are specialists in their field. They receive intensive introductory training and ongoing professional development to maintain the high standards required by us.
WISE officers wear encrypted body worn cameras to protect the public and themselves.  WISE officers will turn on the camera before introducing themselves to an alleged offender or during a business waste inspection and explain why the camera is in operation.

The camera will be turned off on completion of the conversation with an alleged offender or on completion of a business inspection. Once the camera has been turned off the footage is immediately uploaded to a secure cloud-based system and will only be used as evidence or unused material if needed. All collected footage will be stored, processed and deleted in accordance with the WISE privacy policy

When investigating offences, WISE Officers will use a variety of techniques to find out who the offender is. All WISE officers are employed on full time PAYE contracts and do not receive any bonuses whatsoever. 

Fixed Penalty Notices

Fees for Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) for relevant offences covered by the pilot have been set by the council in line with the legislation limits. They are as follows: 

  • Littering: £75 within 14 days, £150 within 28 days
  • Fly-tipping: £200 within 14 days, £400 within 28 days 
  • Fly-posting: £75 within 14 days, £150 within 28 days 
  • Household duty of care: £200 within 14 days, £400 with 28 days 
  • Failing to provide waste transfer notes: £180 within 14 days, £300 within 28 days 
  • Commercial waste receptacles: £75 within 14 days, £110 within 28 days. 

There is no appeal for a FPN. Read more information about a Fixed Penalty Notice for littering.

If you have a complaint regarding the service, this should be made in writing initially to WISE at

WISE Officers will be responsible for the collection of all payments on behalf of us, but we will decide whether to prosecute an individual or not.
If anyone refuses to pay the FPN, we will progress the matter to the Magistrates Court whereupon any successful conviction, the individual will be prosecuted and fined for the offence.