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Flytipping and flyposting

Flytipping is when rubbish is dumped illegally. We remove flytipping from public land, roads and lay-bys. However, if the rubbish is on private land, it is the land owner's responsibility to remove it. Flytipping also includes items dumped near neighbourhood recycling bins. 

Fly-posters usually advertise events with posters, stickers or bills that are put up without the permission of the property owner.

Before you report flytipping or flyposting

Please check if the flytipping or flyposting issue you want to raise has already been reported

If you see someone flytipping

Don’t put yourself in danger. But if possible, please make a note of:

  • the day, date and time
  • what you saw, for example, how many people there were, what they looked like and what they were doing
  • what was tipped
  • how much was tipped
  • if there were any any vehicles involved (make, colour, registration number or any company names on the vehicle).

If you find rubbish that has been dumped illegally

  • please don’t touch the rubbish, it may contain dangerous items. Have a look at it, try to work out what has been dumped and how much there is
  • take note of its exact location and if it’s in or near water
  • don't disturb the site, there may be evidence that could help identify the culprits and lead to their prosecution.

What happens to people who dump rubbish illegally

Flytipping is a serious criminal offence. It carries a fine of up to £20,000. You can even be sent to prison. It is also an offence to allow flytipping if you know it’s going on.

The police have the power to seize vehicles used for flytipping. If you allow your car or vehicle to be used for flytipping, even if you are not driving yourself, you can still be prosecuted.

Managing business waste - your duty of care

We work with local businesses to make sure everyone helps keep the BCP area clean and safe.

Every business in Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole must comply with the law about disposing of commercial waste.

Waste Investigations Support and Enforcement

We’re currently trialling a pilot scheme using an external agency to investigate all instances of flytipping and flyposting across the conurbation to find the perpetrators and if required, issue them with a fixed penalty notice.

Waste Investigations Support and Enforcement (WISE) visit local businesses to make sure they dispose and manage their waste correctly, in order to comply with the law.