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Parks and open spaces service privacy notice

How your information will be held about you and processed by the Parks service. You can also find out about the General Data Protection Regulations and Data Protection Act 2018.

Please read our general privacy notice as well as this notice.

What we do

We have responsibility for the management and operation of over 1,000 hectares of parks, gardens, countryside, allotments, farms and other open spaces, including numerous sports and play facilities provided within them, which are either owned or held in Trust by the Council. BCP Council will be the Data Controller for the personal information you provide.

What information we collect

We only obtain and use the information we need to provide our services to you. We are not permitted to collect information we do not need or will not use. 

The purposes we use your personal information for

We will collect personal information for the following purposes:

  • to respond to enquiries and complaints and to give information about the management and maintenance of our sites
  • to manage bookings for sports, activities and events
  • to manage contracts, leases and agreements relating to facilities, catering, allotments and other concessions
  • to respond to volunteering enquiries and manage our volunteers from different teams across the borough
  • to provide marketing information using mailing lists
  • to carry out research and analysis to ensure our services are fair and meet the needs of all residents.

If we use your personal information for research or analysis, we will always keep your details anonymous or use a fake name.

The law we use to process your personal information - the GDPR/DPA conditions we meet

The conditions that we use to process your personal information are:

  • Public task: the processing is necessary for us to perform a task in the public interest or for our official functions, and the task or function has a clear basis in law
  • For Special Category data (including any health information relating to volunteers) - consent: you, or your legal representative, have given us explicit consent, by choosing to share this type of data
  • You have given consent for us to process your personal data for the specific purposes as listed above.

Whom we may share your information with

We use a range of organisations to either store personal information or to help deliver our services to you. Sometimes we have a legal duty to provide your personal information to other organisations, for example the court service or HMRC.

We may also share your personal information with these organisations, which have passed BCP Council’s IT security compliance checks:

  • Bournemouth Building Maintenance Ltd – a trading arm of BCP Council (some of our staff are employed by this company)
  • RA Information Systems Ltd – tree reports software
  • Gower Consultants Ltd (Epilog Sequel software), used for management of bereavement services, memorial benches and trees
  • The Parks Foundation (an independent charity working in partnership with BCP Council)
  • Better Impact – a database service used to record details of volunteers working with us
  • MailChimp – company managing a database we use to send out marketing emails
  • Surveymonkey Inc – company managing a service we use for research and data collection.

Your information will not be disclosed to any other organisations, except where we are required and allowed to by law.

We don’t sell your personal information to anyone else. We may seek your consent if we are able to offer additional services which we believe are of benefit to you. This will be clearly communicated to you. We will only share your details with these organisations if we have your consent. We will not share your information otherwise.

How long we keep information about you 

  • we retain operational and service provision data for 6 years
  • we retain commercial and contractual data for 6 years
  • in line with BCP staff data retention policy, we retain personal details relating to volunteering for 6 years beyond the last date of volunteering, indefinitely if the volunteer was a vulnerable person, or worked unsupervised with vulnerable people
  • we retain mailing list information until you choose to unsubscribe.

How to amend your information or withdraw your consent

Under the GDPR, where you have been asked to provide your consent to processing, you can withdraw it at any time. 

If you wish to amend your information, withdraw your consent or raise a concern or complaint, please contact the officer in the Council who has been providing the service to you.

If you do not have an officer that you have regular contact with, please make your request to or our Customer Services team.

You can also write to us at:

Parks and Countryside Service
BCP Council
Queen’s Park Pavilion
Queen’s Park West Drive

If you wish to unsubscribe from a mailing list, you can also use the link included at the bottom of all emails.


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