The Community Right to Bid

The Community Right to Bid (CRtB) gives residents the right to nominate assets of community value and placed on a register. Assets of community value can include spaces or buildings that are valuable to their community.

It doesn't give you the automatic right to buy the asset you're interested in, or mean the owner has to sell to you.

If you're interested please follow the process outlined below. 

The process

Communities or voluntary groups must first nominate the asset (such as pubs, green spaces and ponds) they want us to put on our list. To do this, you’ll need to complete a nomination form

We'll decide whether we accept the nomination.  If we accept the nomination and the owner wants to sell they must tell us. We’ll then tell the group or person who made the nomination. 

You've got six weeks to decide if you want to make a bid, and if so you'll have six months to make your bid.  The owner doesn't have to accept you bid and can sell to another community group within this period. The asset will stay on our list for five years. 

For information about who can't make a bid and assets that can’t be nominated, you should view the Assets of Community Value Regulations 2012

The Government has a non-statutory advice note which sets out the process in more detail.


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