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Green Belt

The following evidence supports the BCP Local Plan:

Strategic Green Belt Assessment (2020)

Jointly with Dorset Council we commissioned a joint Green Belt study to inform the BCP Local Plan preparation. The study covers the South East Dorset Green Belt. The study does not consider whether land should be released from the Green Belt for development as that is a matter for us to decide when preparing the BCP Local Plan. Below you can view the two stages of the Green Belt study and the numerous appendixes:

  • Stage 1 Contribution Assessment Final Report is a strategic review of the contribution of all land within the Green Belt to the NPPF Green Belt purposes set out in the National Planning Policy Framework
  • Stage 2 Harm Assessment Final Report is an assessment of the potential harm to the Green Belt of releasing land for development – i.e. specific sites or areas of search identified by the Councils.
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