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Strategic Flood Risk Assessment for the Christchurch area

We have prepared an explanatory note (December 2022) which explains the relevant SFRAs across the BCP area and provides some additional guidance regarding the flood zones and the sequential test.

Level 1 Strategic Flood Risk Assessment

The Level 1 SFRA delivers a strategic assessment of risk from all sources of flooding in Christchurch. It also provides an overview of policy and guidance for planners and developers including detailed explanations of the Sequential and Exceptions tests. The following appendices are available:

Level 2 Strategic Flood Risk Assessment

The Level 2 SFRA was prepared to support the Exception Test, and forms part of the detailed evidence base for preparation of the BCP Local Plan to inform site allocation and to determine whether additional strategic mitigation measures will be required to deliver the required development.

This flood risk mapping is available via our Interactive map.  


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