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Demolition, scaffolding and dangerous structures

You need to notify us about demolitions of buildings and you need permission if you wish to erect scaffolding on a public highway. We can also take action on dangerous structures.

Demolition notice

If you wish to demolish a building over 50 m3 (1750 ft.3) you need to notify us. We need to know the address at least six weeks before you plan to go ahead. When you notify us about your demolition project we’ll let you know what other information we need before we can approve it. If you demolish your building without letting us know, or before we have replied, we may take enforcement action against you. 

Before you demolish any building you will need to apply to us. The way in which you apply and where to send your application will vary depending where your site is based.

Applications in the Bournemouth area

For the Bournemouth area you can apply online or by downloading our application form and returning it to:

Applications in the Christchurch area

For the Christchurch area you can apply by downloading our application form and returning it to:

Applications in the Poole area

For the Poole area you can apply by downloading our application form and returning it to:

You should also tell:

Scaffolding and hoarding notice

You must apply for permission in the event that a scaffolding has to be erected on the public highway/footway, and or to erect a hoarding to protect the public when construction activities are to take place.

Dangerous structures

The owner of the structure is ultimately responsible for dealing with the danger. However we may take action it considers necessary to alleviate or remove the danger. 

Dangerous & defective structures may occur due to old age and deterioration or settlement.

 This may include

  • walls leaning over or being unstable
  • roof tiles being blown off in high winds
  • chimneys damaged by storms
  • explosion
  • fire
  • impact
  • storm damage.

Our surveyors are on call-out during working hours and work with other emergency services to provide advice and guidance. We may take steps on issues affecting public safety which may include: 

  • fencing off areas
  • shoring up
  • putting scaffolding up or 
  • demolition.

The control of dangerous buildings and structures forms a very important part our service. Unstable brickwork, roofs and boundary walls, fire damaged buildings etc represent, potentially, a very high risk to public safety and are therefore given a high priority.

If a building or structure poses a potential danger to public safety or the building occupants, we may take appropriate action to alleviate or remove the danger. When necessary we have legal powers to require owners of buildings or structures to remedy the defects. If they cannot deal with the matter within a reasonable time we may direct contractors to carry our works to make the building or structure safe. 

You can contact us by email or phone or report the structure online.

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