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Pre-application advice

Pre-application advice is an important part of the planning process and we welcome early discussions before you submit a planning application.

This can help you by:

  • giving you advice about the acceptability of your proposed development
  • identifying any problems which you may need to solve
  • identifying financial contributions
  • avoiding abortive work
  • providing greater certainty about your application
  • speeding up the application process.

For some major applications, we encourage the use of Planning Performance Agreements to ensure the best outcomes for everyone. The agreement sets out how the developer and the council will approach the application process, the resources to be allocated and the timescales.

How to apply for pre-application advice

To apply for pre-application advice you will need to complete the online pre-application advice form. You can download the pre-application advice guidance document for more details about the service and prices. You can also apply for pre-application advice, ask for a CIL calculation or planning history for a site online.

Planning Aid

Planning Aid England are able to offer advice and support to help individuals and communities in planning their local area. They are able to offer a fully independent and impartial planning service.

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