Pay or challenge your parking fine, ticket starting with PE

You can get a 50% discount if you pay your parking fine, also known as a Penalty Charge Notice, within 14 days of the issue date.

You cannot pay and challenge the ticket at the same time. Payment of the Penalty Charge Notice will close any pending challenge and close the case.

How to pay


You will need your vehicle registration number and your 10 digit Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) number as well as your debit or credit card information. Complete this form to pay online.

By automated telephone

Call: 01202 672932

You can pay with your Visa, Master, Maestro, Electron or Delta card. and listen to the menu selections, and remember to press * after each section as instructed.

Challenge a parking fine

If you wish to appeal your parking fine you will need to check to see if your challenge will be valid.

The information we need with your challenge

You will need your 10 digit Penalty Charge Number (PCN) and your Contravention Code Number.

Please read our guidance about appealing and our enforcement policy.

Challenge a parking fine online.

What happens if you don't pay

You will have to pay the full amount of either £50 or £70, depending on the type of offence, if you don't pay within 14 days. This will be sent to you as a notice to owner letter.

If you do nothing when you have been sent a notice to owner, a charge certificate will be sent after 28 days and the charge will increase by 50%.

If you receive a charge certificate, you must pay it within 14 days. There is no right of appeal at this stage. You should make us aware if there are extenuating reasons why you could not submit your representations in time (evidence will be required).

If you do not pay the charge, it will be registered as a debt in the county court, a court fee of £5.00 will be added and an order of recovery will be sent to you. If you receive an order of recovery you must either pay the charge within 21 days or complete a witness statement to the court.

If you do nothing, the court may grant authority for a warrant to be issued and a bailiff will be asked to recover the debt from you. The bailiff will add charges for any work they carry out.