Pay or challenge your parking fine for a ticket starting with BB

You cannot pay and challenge the ticket at the same time. Payment of the penalty charge notice will close any pending challenge and close the case.

When uploading evidence, files must not be greater than 5MB in size. We only accept jpg, jpeg and pdf file formats.

Pay your parking fine online

You’ll need your penalty charge notice number and your vehicle registration number to pay a penalty charge notice online.

Pay your parking fine by phone

Call our automated payment service on 01202 377 001 at any time.

Credit and debit cards

You can pay with most credit or debit cards apart from American Express or Diners Club. You cannot use Electron on our automated payment service.

You can pay your fine at the discounted rate:

  • within 21 days if your offence was captured by school cameras
  • within 14 days for all other offences.

Challenge a parking or bus lane fine

You can see photos taken of your vehicle online when challenging a parking or bus lane fine. You’ll need:

  • your penalty charge notice (PCN) number
  • your vehicle’s registration number  
  • Adobe Shockwave to view moving images.

If you disagree with your Penalty Charge Notice

You can challenge a Penalty Charge Notice online or by post.  If you challenge within the discount period stated on your notice and we reject it, you can still pay at the discounted rate. However, you can’t challenge and pay the ticket at the same time.

If you challenge after this period you'll have to pay the full amount. We’ll write with our decision even if we cancel your charge.

When uploading evidence, it must not be greater than 5MB in size and we only accept:

  • scanned documents or photos in JPEG format (jpg or jpeg)
  • scanned documents or photos in pdf format (pdf).

If your challenge is rejected, we will write to the DVLA if we don't receive your payment after 28 days to obtain the name and address of the registered owner and issue a notice to owner.

Make representation on receipt of the notice to owner

This can be done in the following ways:

Rejection of your representation

If your representation is rejected, we will send you a letter called a notice of rejection. This will tell you how much you need to pay and when you need to pay us by.

If you want to appeal further, you can contact the traffic penalty tribunal (TPT).

If you have received an order of recovery (TE3/9 or PE2/3)

You cannot make a representation online, you must either make payment as per the instructions on the form.

You can complete the form as per the instructions, if one of the four grounds applies and send the completed form to the traffic enforcement centre (not the council).

There is a British Parking Association video on what to do if you receive a penalty charge notice.

Order for recovery

If you don’t pay your penalty charge notice on time, the traffic enforcement centre (TEC) will send an order for recovery. Your parking fine will rise by £8. This debt is registered against you and your vehicle.

If we get your payment by the date on the order of recovery form, we will close the case.

The charge is not registered as a judgment, however it is registered with the county court.

Advice from the traffic enforcement centre

The traffic enforcement centre can give you advice about their procedures but they can’t give you legal advice.

The registration can be challenged by making a witness statement or out of time witness statement if:

  • you didn’t get a penalty charge notice/notice to owner
  • you sent us a representation against the penalty charge notice within 28 days and you haven’t received a rejection notice.
  • you’ve appealed to the traffic penalty tribunal against our decision to reject the representation within 28 days of receiving a rejection notice, but you haven’t had a response
  • the penalty charge has been paid.

If any one of these reasons apply, you should file a witness statement (TE9) with the traffic enforcement centre by the date on the order for recovery form. 

You contact us or the traffic enforcement centre (TEC) to find out if a warrant has been issued. You will need to quote your penalty charge notice number.

If you believe a bailiff has behaved inappropriately, you should send us and the bailiff company a written complaint.

Contact details for enforcement agents