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On-street residential disabled parking bays

Apply for an on-street residential disabled parking bay

You can apply for one of two types of bay. A general bay which can be used by anyone with a Blue Badge will cost £300. A permit bay, which can only be used by the permit holder, costs £430. If you want to convert an existing bay into a permit bay, this will cost £220.

We must undertake a public consultation before a bay can be installed. This is part of the statutory process. The payment will be taken before installation of the bay. 

Here are some more things you should know before applying:

  • your application may not be approved if you have off-road parking
  • you must be the blue badge holder who lives at the address
  • a vehicle must be registered to the address
  • each bay will be 6.6m long when parallel to the kerb
  • residential disabled bays have no maximum stay
  • it can take up to 12 months from application to installation.