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Residents visitors parking permit in the Poole area

You can purchase, book and top up your daily visitor sessions using the online permit system. Once you have obtained the annual resident visitor voucher permit, you can then book your visitors parking online. The booking will upload automatically to the civil enforcement officers handheld computers and you will no longer need to display paper scratch cards.

Each property is entitled to a specific number of permits each year. There is an allocation of 50 days worth of visitor permits per year available to each property, with the exception of:

  • The Old Town
  • Cinnamon Lane
  • Seldown Road/Lane
  • Seldown Homezone.

These areas have an annual allocation of 100 days of visitor permits as the restrictions in these areas cover a longer period of time.

Documentary evidence

Documentary evidence is required. You will need to produce:

  • Council Tax bill (authorisation to check Council Tax records is on application form)
  • tenancy agreement.

Visitor permits are issued in books of 5. Each book costs £12.70. Proof of residency is also required each time you purchase the daily visitor permits.

To apply online you will require a valid credit or debit card.

Parking administration will not accept personal callers.

Please make sure you read the resident's visitors parking permit terms and conditions.