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Commuter parking permit in the Poole area

Commuter permits can be purchased and managed online by permit holders. Permits will no longer be posted out for displaying in vehicles, as the active vehicle details registered on your online account will be uploaded to the civil enforcement officers handheld computer.

You can register more than one vehicle on your online account and then nominate which vehicle you need to park, as and when required. It is important to ensure the vehicle you have parked is the vehicle active on your account.

You can now purchase, book and top-up your daily commuter sessions using the new online permit system using the link above. Once you have obtained the commuter daily session voucher permit, you can then book your daily parking online. The booking will upload automatically to the civil enforcement officers handheld computers and you will no longer need to display paper scratch cards.

There are two commuter zones within Poole. There is one in the Civic Centre area (Zone G/H) and one at County Gates (Zone K). Permits are available to anybody who needs to park on the roads shown on the maps:

The commuter permit allows you to park for an unlimited time within those parking places in the area requested where the signs indicate a 2 hour limit and that permit holders are exempt. Please note that in some roads, Commuter permit holders can only use one side of the road as the other side is for resident permit holders only. Please refer to the maps on this page for the relevant parking bays your permit is valid.


  • annually: £315
  • quarterly: £89
  • daily: £3.20 per day (minimum purchase £16).

You will require a valid credit or debit card to apply online.

Apply by post

To apply by post, download and complete the commuter permits application form and enclose your cheque/postal order, made payable to BCP Council, together with photocopies of the supporting documents as set out on the form and post the application to: 

Parking Administration
BCP Council Civic Centre
Bourne Avenue

Parking Administration will not accept personal callers.

Please make sure you read the commuter permits terms and conditions.