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Full season parking permit in the Christchurch area

We use an online system for purchasing a parking permit. By using the system you will no longer receive a physical permit, instead receiving a virtual permit.

Permits can be shared between two vehicles however cannot be used at the same time. The virtual permit system can register when the permit is being used fraudulently.  If this is found to be the case your permit will be cancelled and no refund issued.

Please ensure you enter the correct registration number into the system - particular care should be taken when entering 0 (zero, the number) and O (the letter).  Mistakes will result in the issue of a Penalty Charge Notice.

Permit details

This permit allows parking in the following Christchurch car parks.

Please be aware that Pit Site and Bargates car parks are closed due to development of these car parks. We regret we are unaware of the exact timescales due to the ongoing planning process. Permit holders can continue to park in these car parks until the closures occur. 

  • Avon Beach – unlimited
  • Avon Run Road – unlimited
  • Bank Close – 2 hours only 8am to 7pm
  • Bridge Street – 2 hours only 8am to 7pm
  • Bypass – 2 hours only 8am - 7pm (except designated long stay parking bays)
  • Christchurch Quay – unlimited
  • Highcliffe Castle – 4 hours only (all year)
  • Highcliffe Cliff Top – unlimited
  • Leisure Centre – unlimited
  • Mayors Mead – unlimited
  • Mudeford Quay – unlimited
  • Priory – 4 hours only (1 April to 30 September)
  • Purewell Dairy – unlimited
  • Saxon Square – 2 hours only 8am to 7pm (There are designated long stay bays on the lower ground floor for season permit holders who want to park for more than 2 hours)
  • Southcliffe Road – unlimited
  • Steamer Point – unlimited
  • Wick Lane – 2 hours only 8am to 6.30pm
  • Willow Way – unlimited
  • Wortley Road - unlimited.

Residents receive reduced rates and these are shown below. A resident is a person residing within the area formerly known as the Borough of Christchurch and whose name would normally appear on the electoral register.

Residents of Christchurch town centre who have no off-street parking at their property can apply for an enhanced season permit for an additional cost (resident rate plus 25% premium) which, in addition to the terms and conditions specified, will allow unlimited parking at one of the following nominated shopping car parks - Wick Lane, Bank Close, Saxon Square (designated long stay bays on lower floor only) or Bridge Street.

Beach hut owners at Mudeford Sandbank and Friars Cliff who are not residents of Christchurch may apply for one permit at the resident rate. Additional permits must be purchased at the non resident rate.

Please select 'Christchurch Season Tickets' for permit category and 'Beach hut owners only' for permit type when making your online application.

Return is prohibited within 3 hours.

View the full terms and conditions for this parking permit

Parking Fees
Year 2022/23Full season permit - residentFull season permit - non resident
1 April to 31 March £305 £499
1 March to 31 October £239 £441
1 April to 30 September £176 £331
1 October to 31 March £159 £287
Monthly Not applicable £45

When applying please ensure correct year is selected.

Buying a permit does not guarantee that a space will be available. At certain times of the year we reserve the right to grant free parking or to close car parks (for example in the case of essential maintenance or a special event).

No refund of the permit fee will be made in respect of such periods.

Season tickets are not valid for use on heavy goods vehicles, buses, caravans and coaches or vehicles exceeding 3.5 tonnes (3,500 kg) in weight.

We reserve the right to withdraw any season ticket found to have been improperly issued or used.

A two metre height restriction applies in some car parks (1.95m in Wick lane and Leisure Centre East car parks).

Paying for a Monthly Permit via RingGo

If you wish to purchase a Monthly Permit these are only available through RingGo. Purchasing them through RingGo means you can pay immediately using your credit or debit card either over the phone or on the website.

By phone

Call the Christchurch RingGo on 01202 232 000 and enter zone number 1881, 1886 or 1889. The system will then ask if you would like to park in hours or for a month, select the monthly option and then proceed to payment.


Go to RingGo's member booking page. You will be asked to log in; if you do not have an account there is an option to register. When asked to enter the location type in ‘By Pass’, ‘Leisure Centre’ or ‘Wortley Road’. Then choose the 31 day duration and proceed to payment.

The session will start immediately and covers the By Pass, Leisure Centre and Wortley Road car parks. You will not receive a permit to put in your vehicle but enforcement officers can check your vehicles details via handheld computers.