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Daily visitor vouchers and short-term visitor permits in the Christchurch area

Daily visitor eVouchers and short-term visitor ePermits

All permits are now virtual - this means you do not need to display a paper permit. Proof of residency is required.


The cost is £16 for 20 eVouchers - a 50% discount applies for residents over the age of 60, proof of age is required.

The eVoucher will be valid for a 12 month period from the date of purchase.

An eVoucher will be valid for one calendar date - the date in which it is activated.

Please note the maximum number of eVouchers that can be purchased in any 12 month period is 100 vouchers.

Short-term visitor permits

Must be used from the day of purchase and are available for the following durations:

  • £5.60 for 7 days
  • £11.20 for 14 days
  • £16.80 for 21 days
  • £22.40 for 28 days.

Terms and conditions for visitor eVouchers and short-term visitor ePermits

Permits are single use only as required. They are only valid in the permit area zone specified on the permit - this is shown on the signs accompanying the bays. They are only valid for the specified number of hours shown on the voucher.

A permit will only be issued to a vehicle under 3500 kg in weight - this is the former private/light goods taxation class. A permit cannot be used for parking on double yellow lines, single yellow lines, other limited wait areas, in pay and display car parks, private roads, zig-zag lines, taxi/doctors/police/disabled bays or bus stops.

The permits do not guarantee the availability of a parking place.

We reserve the right to withdraw any permit found to have been fraudulently applied for or misused and no refund will be issued.