Lansdowne Transformation Plans

Holdenhurst Road and Lansdowne Roundabout are the focus for major investment to transform the public realm and create new spaces for people to enjoy.

New urban areas for social interaction such as: outdoor meeting space for businesses, student break-out areas, as well as new performance platforms where festivals and events can take place all feature as part of the plans.

As part of our plans to transform the Lansdowne area, we've been gathering your views on the proposed changes and how they could affect you.

The consultation has now closed but you can still read about the proposals in the consultation document 

This document explains:

  • why we are proposing the changes to the Lansdowne area.
  • how it is being funded.
  • the new public spaces and areas that are proposed
  • the resulting changes to the highways that are needed.

We are currently looking at the consultation results and will be publishing a report in due course.


In 2015, key stakeholders with an interest in Lansdowne agreed the following vision for the area:

  • Lansdowne Bournemouth will be an exciting place where ideas, innovations, technology and enterprise flourish close to the free and relaxed climate of the beach.
  • Workers, visitors, residents and students will have the opportunity to exchange ideas and knowledge in the many vibrant streets, plazas and parks.
  • The synergy of education, places to live, dynamic workspaces and culture will create an atmosphere of enterprise.

This vision led to the development of a Lansdowne Delivery Plan


We have secured £8.5million in additional government funding through the Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership Local Growth programme to deliver these improvements, with a further £2.89 million of council match funding from local contributions.