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Tree Planting Programme

Trees are invaluable to all of us, to the environment, and to wildlife. As a council, we have a duty to maintain and care for them to ensure they can grow and mature over many years. 

Why are trees important?

Trees are vital to our ecosystem. Not only do they create a lot of the oxygen we breathe, they look glorious doing it through their vivid shapes, colours and features. Some other benefits trees have on the environment include: 

  • absorbing carbon dioxide
  • providing natural habitats for wildlife
  • improving air quality
  • enhancing biodiversity
  • filtering pollution 

Within our Climate and Ecological Emergency Action Plan, there are many proposed actions which will be considered, such as looking at potential tree planting schemes, sites and community planting programmes. 

Where do we plant trees? 

We plant trees in a variety of locations across the Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole area such as: 

  • open spaces 
  • parks 
  • woodland areas 
  • local neighbourhoods 
  • road, pavements, streets 
  • coastal environments
  • memorial locations

Do we replace trees that have to be removed?

Trees that are removed because they have become unsafe, a high risk or are diseased or dead are all replaced. We also replace trees within parks and open spaces which have been removed or as part of projects to improve open spaces.

Will the replacement tree be the same species?

We will take the opportunity to assess whether to replant with the same species or choose a different species which would be more suitable.

The trees we buy are sourced from local specialist tree nurseries and the species that are selected are ones which have specifically developed to be more suited to growing in such a harsh growing environment and to cause fewer on going maintenance problems.

Can I plant a commemorative tree? 

Memorial trees are a peaceful and environmentally friendly option to create a lasting personal memory that can grow and mature over many years.

If you'd like to have one planted, get in touch and our parks team can work with you to discuss: 

  • location 
  • the best time of year to plant it 
  • types of trees that are available
  • possible restrictions
  • costs 

Carbon offsetting the Air Festival

We have been working continuously with the organisers of Bournemouth Air Festival and in partnership with nationally accredited Carbon Footprint Ltd to identify suitable sites for over 200 trees to be planted across the area to offset the emissions from the Air Festival displays in 2019. 

For each tree planted a tonne of carbon will also be saved in the Amazon Rainforest, as part of the partnership, through an avoided deforestation project. This project is audited and certified by the internationally recognised Verified Carbon Standard (VCS).

The first tree-planting ceremony took place at Avonwood Primary School. Find out more about this here


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