Whitelegg Way Bournemouth

Construction of a new cycleway along Whitelegg Way, Bournemouth between Redhill and Northbourne roundabouts started on 17th May and will last for around 20 weeks. The cycle track will form part of the 13 km sustainable travel route between Merley (Poole) and Christchurch.


What we are planning to do

We plan to enable more sustainable journeys and expand the travel choices available to people living and working in the area. 

Work includes:

A new, dedicated (segregated from traffic) 850m cycle track along both sides of Whitelegg Way between Redhill roundabout and Northbourne roundabout providing a protected route for cyclists

Reducing the speed limit from 40mph to 30mph along Whitelegg Way to make the road safer for drivers and cyclists

• Changing how vehicles can use the junction between Wimborne Road (known as the slip road) and Whitelegg Way. Vehicles will no longer be able to turn left from Wimborne Road onto Whitelegg Way. Vehicles will continue to be able to turn right.

Traffic lights at the Whitelegg Way/Wimborne road will be upgraded to provide a head start for cyclists in front of vehicles when lights turn green 

Upgraded pedestrian and cycle-controlled crossing with improved pedestrian and cycle detection at Northbourne roundabout to improve pedestrian and cycle connectivity and reduce wait times for buses and cars

Bus stop improvements including new shelters and real time information along Wimborne service road

New wayfinding/directional signage 

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Whiteleg Way Improvements 4-21

How and when will the work be carried out?

Work on the construction of the new sustainable transport infrastructure began on 17th May 2021 and will last until the autumn.  During the construction it will be necessary for temporary traffic management measures to be put in place:

  • The northbound road on Whitelegg Way will be closed for the duration of the works and traffic will be diverted along the adjacent Wimborne Road.
  • The southbound road on Whitelegg Way will remain open to traffic.  
  • On-street parking along Wimborne Road will be temporarily suspended (on both sides) to facilitate traffic flows on the diversion route.

Whitlegg Diversion map social_1080x1080

Why is Whitelegg Way being used for the Cycle Route?

Plans for these improvements were informed by responses gathered during public engagement late 2020 and formal consultation which ran 24 February to 31 March this year. A report summarising the results is available here. Overall the proposals were well-received with broad public support.  A small number of responses questioned whether Wimborne Road could be used as the cycle route rather than Whitelegg Way.

Whitelegg Way is the preferred route as it offers a safe, direct route separated from traffic for people cycling along the Merley to/from Christchurch sustainable travel route. It reduces the number of crossings people cycling need to make at Northbourne roundabout and minimises the number of side road junctions, always a hazard for cyclists and motorists, between Whitelegg Way and Wimborne Road. 

Wimborne Road is also the main bus route between Redhill roundabout and Northbourne roundabout with a number of bus stops. Where possible designers will separate the movement of people cycling from people joining or leaving a bus. By constructing cycle lanes on Whitelegg Way the movements between bus passengers and people cycling are fully separated.