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Wimborne Road, Poole

Wimborne Road Proposed Walking and Cycling Improvements

Work on walking, cycling and bus improvements along Wimborne Road, between Denmark Lane and the New Inn junction is underway. It forms part of TCF’s 7km sustainable travel route between Poole town centre and Merley, Poole.

Wimborne Road CGI
An artist's impression: Wimborne Road, Poole
(looking north, at the junction with Tatnam Road and Garland Road).

What's being built:

Improvements along Wimborne Road between Serpentine Road and Kings Close (up to the New Inn junction) include:

  • Improving the Serpentine Road roundabout with three new parallel crossings on raised tables, with footways converted to shared use for both pedestrians and cyclists
  • Installing new cycle lanes on both sides of Wimborne Road between Heckford Road and New Inn junction, protected from the carriageway by a kerb with raised table priority over adjoining roads. All parking will be removed along the western side of the road between Tatnam Road and New Inn junction to provide the space for the cycle lanes
  • Installing a new uncontrolled crossing point with tactile paving and dropped kerbs at St Margaret’s Road. The dedicated right-turn lane on Wimborne Road will be removed, but right-turn movements into St Margaret’s Road will still be possible
  • Upgrading the Tatnam Road/Garland Road junction, with raised table parallel crossings over the adjoining roads and toucan crossings installed to the south and north of the junction. The dedicated right-turn lanes on Wimborne Road will be removed, but right-turn movements into Tatnam Road and Garland Road will still be possible
  • Installing a new zebra crossing on Garland Road
  • Installing a new pedestrian crossing just north of Sherrin Close/Winterbourne Road junction
  • Introducing shared space at bus stops, with five stops being slightly relocated

Click here to view the design plan.

Improvements at the New Inn junction on Wimborne Road:

The Experimental Traffic Regulation Order (ETRO) at the southern end of Darbys Lane was made permanent in February 2022, allowing the design of the New Inn junction to progress.  The plans include:  

  • Dedicated space for cyclists linking to/from Darbys Lane, new crossing points for pedestrians and cyclists, traffic signal upgrades, and barriers removed for cyclists accessing Mellstock Road
  • Widening pavements and converting them to shared use, providing more space for people cycling and walking around the junction
  • Left turns from Fernside Road into Wimborne Road will be banned, subject to the outcome of a Traffic Regulation Order, and the dedicated turning lane removed to provide space for the new crossings.

Click here to view the design plans

What are we going to do and when:

Construction along Wimborne Road will be undertaken in sections and affected businesses and residents will be informed around two weeks beforehand.  This page will be updated with the latest traffic management and project information.  You can stay up to date with the latest news by signing up to our TCF newsletter and following us on social media.

The first phase of work will focus on improvements along Wimborne Road between Serpentine Road and Kings Close.

Work started on 16 May 2022 at Serpentine Road roundabout with temporary four-way traffic lights in operation for around six weeks.  Traffic disruption is anticipated and members of the public who use this route are advised to allow extra time for their journeys through this area.

During the summer school holidays the work will move to Garland Road to allow the installation of a zebra crossing at the junction with Joliffe Road and a parallel crossing at the junction with St Mary’s Road. This is being timed so that this work, which is in close proximity to Longfleet Primary School, can be completed whilst it is closed.  Temporary traffic signals will be required for these works.

At the end of the summer holidays work will recommence at the Serpentine Road junction with completion of these works anticipated for the end of November.

The installation of the new cycle lanes on both sides of Wimborne Road between Heckford Road and New Inn junction is scheduled to start early next year.

Work at the New Inn junction on Wimborne Road is scheduled for 2023.

Public Consultation

Public consultation on these plans was undertaken 24 February to 31 March 2021. All responses were analysed and helped shape the final scheme designs and a report summarising the results of consultation published in addition to our responses to the issues raised.  A public information event about the Wimborne Road scheme was held in November 2021. 


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