Poole town centre to Merley, Poole

Walking and cycling improvements between Poole town centre and Merley are proposed to help make journeys safer, easier and more enjoyable.

Running between Wimborne Road in Poole and Canford Heath, and onwards to Merley via an existing link on Gravel Hill, the route will help connect key employment areas and a number of local neighbourhoods.

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Wimborne Road:

  • More priority for cyclists and pedestrians, and wider footways, on Serpentine Road
  • New parallel crossings at the Wimborne Road/Denmark Lane/Serpentine Road roundabout
  • Light segregation, such as flexible poles, to be installed on existing on-road cycle lane on western side of Wimborne Road between roundabout and Heckford Road
  • Existing bus lane on eastern side of Wimborne Road maintained
  • New toucan crossings along Wimborne Road
  • New two-way protected cycle track on western side of Wimborne Road, with access maintained to/from properties where required [link to CGI]
  • On-street parking to be removed along western side of road
  • More priority for people walking and cycling along Wimborne Road across most adjoining roads
  • No access for vehicles between Wimborne Road/Stokes Avenue. Access would be maintained for people walking or cycling
  • Upgrade of the New Inn junction, providing dedicated signal timing for cyclists, and priority to those walking and cycling

Darbys Lane:

  • Planter box installed and vehicle restrictions currently in place between Darbys Lane and Wimborne Road – being consulted on separately as part of Experimental Traffic Regulation Order
  • New wayfinding signage
  • Improvements to the Darbys Lane/Dorchester Road junction
  • Improvements to the shared use path leading to Trigon Bridge

Trigon Bridge – Canford Heath:

  • Improvements to the shared use path leading to Trigon Bridge. The handrail height would also be increased on the bridge to improve safety
  • A new two-way shared path on Harwell Road, between Trigon Bridge and Darbys Lane North - new parking restrictions on Harwell Road to create space for the path
  • Darbys Lane North
  • Improvements to the existing shared use path near schools and leisure centre
  • New toucan crossing point on Canford Heath Road

Gravel Hill:

  • Upgrade to the existing paths along both sides of Gravel Hill
  • Improvements to existing path into Canford Heath

View detailed plans and maps.

Public consultation on the proposals was undertaken 24 February to 31 March 2021. A report summarising the results is available here.

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