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Rigler Road to Hinchliffe Road and Blandford Close

Cycle and walking improvements have been made linking Rigler Road to Hinchliffe Road and Blandford Close via Holes Bay. The work is the first part of a new walking and cycling route, creating a healthy and eco- friendly way of travelling between Poole town centre and Holton Heath.

Flexible wands on Rigler Road and the new tarmacked path by Hamworthy Football Club

A cyclist on Rigler Road next to the flexible wands, and a family on the new path on Hinchliffe Road

What is happening:

This work is the first part of a new walking and cycling route, creating a healthy and eco- friendly way of travelling between Poole town centre and Holton Heath.  

Phase one – Rigler Road, through Holes Bay Development Area to Blanford Close: completed in spring 2022

Phase one completion video.

A new, fully tarmacked, shared use path has been constructed from Rigler Road through the proposed Holes Bay regeneration site. It runs from a new entrance west of Eccles Road, around the Hamworthy Football Club and Recreation Ground, to Blandford Close.

  • New solar powered low level lighting has been installed along the length of this new route.
  • Cycle lane ‘separators’ (flexible poles) have been installed along the existing on-road cycle lanes on both sides of Rigler Road from the Eccles Road junction to Twin Sails bridge to protect cyclists from road traffic.
  • The entrance to the new shared use path on Rigler Road has been widened at the existing refuge island to make crossing into the new path, safer. 

Phase two – Hinchliffe Road and Blandford Close: completed autumn 2022

Rigler road phase 2

Phase two completion video

  • The existing bridleway behind Cornerstone Academy linking to Hinchliffe Road has been upgraded with a tarmacked surface and improved drainage. 
  • Improvements to junctions on the route.

Plans for these improvements were informed by responses gathered during public engagement late 2020, and formal consultation which ran from 24 February to 31 March this year.

Reports summarising the results are available via the links below:

As the new path goes through the Holes Bay Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), work on a final link section between the current end of the path and Hinchliffe Road will now take place in the summer of 2023 (subject to approvals) after the migratory, overwintering birds have left for the summer.