Poole Town Centre to Wareham Road and Holton Heath

Walking and cycling improvements between Poole town centre and Holton Heath are proposed to help make journeys safer, easier and more enjoyable. Running between Twin Sails Bridge for access to Poole town centre and Wareham Road, near Holton Heath, this route would involve upgrades, including crossing and junction improvements, along Blandford Road.

The improvements would also better connect residential areas on either side of Blandford Road, while an alternative quiet route would utilise residential streets, including Woodlands Avenue and Symes Road, to existing routes through Upton County Park.

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Rigler Road:

  • Light segregation (eg flexible poles) added to separate existing on-road cycle lanes on both sides of Rigler Road
  • A new shared use path to be installed near Eccles Road, connecting to existing bridleway behind Carter Community School
  • Rigler Road – Inglesham Way - proposals in this section include:
  • New 20mph zone along Blandford Road, between the Tuckers Lane junction and Poole Bridge
  • Improvements to existing bridleway behind Carter Community School
  • New shared use path and crossing facilities on Blandford Road near Carter Community School
  • New signalised junction where Blandford Road meets Coles Avenue/Hinchliffe Road
  • New planting on Woodlands Avenue, near the Beckhampton Road junction, to create a quieter route for people walking and cycling – no access for vehicles beyond this point in either direction as a result
  • Blandford Road/Lake Road junction to be improved with crossing facilities, new shared paths and removal of the right-turn lane on Blandford Road
  • Shared path connecting Blandford Road and Beckhampton Road to be improved
  • Inglesham Way junction improved with new crossing facilities and shared path
  • Paths around Harkwood Drive improved providing shared space for cycling and walking

Inglesham Way – Sandy Lane:

  • Junction redesign at the Blandford Road/Dawkins Road junction, with wider footways, new traffic lights and controlled crossing points
  • A new two-way cycle lane on the eastern side of Blandford Road, between the Symes Road and Dawkins Road junctions
  • New wayfinding signage towards Hamworthy train station
  • Upgrades to the shared use path between Blandford Road and Symes Road
  • Road markings to raise driver awareness of cyclists on the road near the railway bridges on Blandford Road
  • New and improved crossing points around Willow Close and Sandy Lane
  • Improvements to existing paths through Upton Country Park

Sandy Lane:

  • New wayfinding signage and better crossing facilities on Sandy Lane and Watery Lane, with drainage improvements to avoid the route flooding. The route could alternatively follow Slough Lane, rather than Watery Lane
  • Existing footpath upgraded to shared use for pedestrians and cyclists, designed to accommodate tidal flooding – the route would be screened from the A35 and run along the edge of the nature reserve, developed alongside RSPB
  • A new shared use bridge would be installed across Sherford River, with the shared use path continuing along riverside to connect with Wareham Road

View detailed plans and maps.

Public consultation on the proposals was undertaken 24 February to 31 March 2021. A report summarising the results is available here.

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