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Victoria Road - Trickett's Cross roundabout

Poole town centre to/from Ferndown and Wimborne 

This section is largely on hold until further funding has been secured, following a national review by the Department for Transport of the Transforming Cities Fund (TCF) programme.

Rising construction, labour and fuel costs, growing inflation and changes to national design standards for cycling infrastructure mean south east Dorset’s original TCF budget, awarded pre-pandemic in March 2020, is no longer sufficient to build the entire network of cycle, walking and bus improvements planned across the region. 

Priority has been given to TCF schemes that link into existing sustainable travel infrastructure, providing an immediate interim level of connectivity and more continuous travel routes.

2021 proposals

The proposals put forward as part of the spring 2021 public consultation included: 

  • Two alternative proposals for the cycling provision between Victoria Road junction and Turbary Road Roundabout:
  • Option A: a new one-way protected cycle track on both sides of Ringwood Road, with access to/from properties maintained. This would only be taken forward with the Option A proposal for the Glenmoor Road - Victoria Road section
  • Option B: a new two-way protected cycle track on the eastern side of Ringwood Road, with access to/from properties maintained. This would only be taken forward with the Option B proposal for the Glenmoor Road - Victoria Road section
  • The existing central hatching, including central islands and right-turn lanes, removed along the length of Ringwood Road to provide space for the cycle track
  • Two bus stop locations upgraded along the route, which could include accessibility improvements, new shelters and real-time information
  • More priority for cyclists and pedestrians at the junctions of Ringwood Road and adjoining roads
  • A new toucan crossing near Golf Links Road and a new parallel crossing over Turbary Road
  • Golf Links Road junction revised, encouraging slower vehicle speeds and improving safety when crossing
  • Improvements to Turbary Roundabout, including wider, shared use paths, accessibility improvements, and wider islands to make crossing safer
  • New shared use paths on both sides of the road between Turbary Roundabout and Trickett’s Cross Roundabout, with a new controlled crossing point installed

View the proposed design plan for 'Option A' here.

Speed limit

In November 2022, a Traffic Regulation Order was advertised and consulted on to revoke the existing 40mph speed limit and introduce a new 30mph speed limit on a section of the A348 Ringwood Road, Ferndown; from approximately 45 metres in a north-eastern direction from its junction with Turbary Road to the existing 30mph speed limit situated approximately 15 metres south-west of its junction with Manor Close.

The TRO has been recommended for approval and it’s planned that the speed limit change will be implemented later this year.

View the proposed design plan for 'Option B' here.

Public consultation for sustainable travel plans was undertaken in spring 2021 and responses are available here.


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