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St Mary's Road, Poole (Fernside Road and Garland Road junctions)

A series of walking and cycling improvements have been made in Poole on St Mary's Road at the Fernside Road and Garland Road junctions that form part of TCF's sustainable travel route between Poole Town Centre to Ferndown and Wimborne.

Fernside Road, Hunt Road, St Mary's Road junction (completed May 2022)

The first phase of work saw the four-way junction where Fernside Road intersects with Hunt Road and St Mary’s Road undergo significant upgrades to improve safety for school children and pedestrians using this busy junction and improve traffic flow.

Improvements include:

  • New toucan crossings (which have space for both people walking and cycling to cross at the same time) on all arms of the four-way junction 
  • Dropped kerbs before and after all crossing points to allow people on bikes to cycle from the road to the crossings
  • Resurfaced carriageway and pavements
  • Additional wayfinding signs along St Mary’s Road

 Fernside Road

(Photo of four-way junction on Fernside Road)

Garland Road/ St Mary's Road junction (completed autumn 2022)

The next phase of work saw the junction where St Mary’s Road connects with Garland Road undergo important changes to improve the safety for school children and pedestrians and help traffic flow.

Improvements include:

  • Installation of a new mini roundabout
  • Built a parallel crossing over Garland Road
  • Resurfaced road and pavement 
  • Replaced the planter on the pedestrianised area of St Mary’s Road with a tree to allow cyclists and walkers to stay in line

Garland Road

(Photo of Garland Road / St Mary’s Road junction)

Jolliffe Road junction (complete)

Further sustainable travel improvements on Garland Road at the junction with Joliffe Road were undertaken simultaneously. Funded by the Local Transport Plan (LTP) work included:

  • Installed a new ‘raised table’
  • Installed a new zebra crossing on Garland Road
  • Removed the existing refuge island on Joliffe Road and narrowed the carriageway
  • Resurfaced road and pavement 

Public consultation

Public consultation on Transforming Cities Fund programme’s Fernside Road plans were held 10 May to 14 June 2021. All responses were analysed and helped shaped the final scheme designsA report summarising the results of consultation and responses to issues raised are available.






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