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Ringwood Road (Hunt Road – Mountbatten Roundabout)

A series of walking and cycling improvements are planned along Ringwood Road between Hunt Road and Mountbatten Roundabout that form part of TCF's  sustainable travel route between Poole Town Centre to Ferndown and Wimborne.

Ringwood Road Poole Updated CGI

Artist’s impression of proposals on Ringwood Road, Poole 

About the plans 

In June 2022 we advertised and consulted on several traffic regulation orders (TROs), which is the legal process we need to follow to implement the traffic restrictions associated with the proposed improvements. One of these TROs was to support the introduction of a southbound bus lane between Mannings Heath double mini roundabouts to Seaview junction (ref M62 2022). Following further discussions with bus operators, the bus lanes proposals have been redesigned so that they will achieve a greater benefit for bus journey times. 

The bus lanes are now proposed to be:

  • Southbound between Mannings Heath double mini roundabouts and Old Wareham Roundabout 
  • Northbound between St Clements Rd and Old Wareham Roundabout

An updated TRO was advertised and consulted on in December 2022 outlining these changes and was recommended for approval in March 2023.

Construction on the other improvements on this section of Ringwood Road is planned to begin later this year and will include:

  • Two-way cycle track on the eastern side of Ringwood Road, between Hunt Road junction and Mountbatten Roundabout
  • New and upgraded crossings, improving east-west connectivity along Ringwood Road
  • Lower speed limit of 30mph between Alderney Roundabout and Mountbatten Roundabout (the TRO for this change was approved in October 2022 and also includes a lower speed limit of 30mph between Mountbatten Roundabout and West Howe Roundabout)
  • Speed limit reductions (from Alderney Roundabout to Mountbatten Roundabout)
  • Cyclist priority over side roads
  • Bus stop upgrades, including accessibility improvements
  • Improvements to the footpaths on the western side of the road

More details of the scheme design are on the following maps:

Changes to parking

In order to provide the space for the proposed two-way cycle lanes and pedestrian improvements, we are introducing double yellow lines outside the following property numbers:

  • 142 – 160 Ringwood Road 
  • 182- 200 Ringwood Road
  • 206 – 232 Ringwood Road
  • 47 – 59 Ringwood Road, and up to the bus stop on the eastern side

This will result in the removal of approximately 30 parking spaces (using BCP Council’s standard measure for parking lengths).

The introduction of these parking restrictions was subject to the outcome of a separate legal process. We invited comments on the proposed Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) earlier in June 2022 and the TRO was recommended for approval in October 2022. 

Full details of the traffic regulation order process and outcomes.

Surveys were undertaken reviewing the parking levels in the area, over one week in April 2021 and 2022, at the same morning, lunchtime, and evening periods. The average occupancy across all roads surveyed was 47% in April 2021, and 45% in April 2022. These results suggest that there is available parking in adjacent and nearby roads to accommodate the loss of the parking spaces. View the results.

Public consultation

Public consultation on these proposals was undertaken May – June 2021. For the consultation, the proposals were split into three sub-sections: (Fernside Road – Sea View Road; Sea View Road – Mannings Heath mini roundabouts; Mannings Heath mini roundabouts – Mountbatten Roundabout).

All responses were analysed and helped shape the final scheme designs. Reports summarising the results of the consultation are available here: 

-          Fernside Road – Sea View Road

-          Sea View Road – Mannings Heath mini roundabouts

-          Mannings Heath mini roundabouts – Mountbatten Roundabout

A report detailing our responses to issues raised is available here.

A public information event took place on 8 June 2022 at TS Dolphin Sea Cadet Hall, 260 Ringwood Road, Poole.


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