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Longham Bridge - Longham Mini Roundabouts

Poole town centre to/from Ferndown and Wimborne 

A number of proposals to improve the walking, cycling and bus facilities on Ringwood Road between Longham Bridge and Longham Mini Roundabouts were put forward for public consultation on 10 May to 14 June 2021. A summary of the findings of the consultation can be found here, with our responses to the feedback received available here.

Proposals include: 

  • A new off-carriageway shared use route to the east of Ringwood Road, connecting Longham Bridge to Longham Mini Roundabouts, around the Golf Club. The route could alternatively connect to Christchurch Road at the main Golf Club access
  • A lower speed limit of 30mph on Ringwood Road
  • The existing footway on the eastern side of the road converted to a new shared use path
  • A new toucan crossing near the access road into Longham Lakes
  • Six bus stop locations upgraded, which could include accessibility improvements, including new shelters and real-time information

Route options to the west of Ringwood Road are being assessed.

View the proposed design plan here

Proposed change to speed limit

One of the proposals for Ringwood Road is for Dorset Council to reduce the speed limit from 40mph to 30mph between Longham Bridge and Longham Mini Roundabouts, in line with BCP Council’s plans to reduce the speed limit between just north of Bear Cross Roundabout (from Cudnell Avenue) and Longham Bridge.

The speed limit reduction is subject to a separate legal process and a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) was advertised and consulted on in February 2023. The comments submitted during the TRO process are now being reviewed and a decision will be made on the outcome of the TRO in due course. Updates on the TRO will be published here.


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