Poole Town Centre to Ferndown and Wimborne

New facilities for pedestrians and cyclists between Poole, Ferndown and Wimborne Minster are proposed, as well as a series of improvements to make bus journeys quicker and easier across the region.  

TT Map Poole Ctr to Ferndown
Linking local destinations

As well as connecting residential and major employment areas at either end of the route, the improvements will also enhance access to a number of other key local destinations nearby, including:

  • Poole Hospital and St Mary’s Maternity Hospital• Bourne Valley Greenway
  • Turbary retail park
  • Longham Lakes and Millhams Recycling Centre
  • High street retailers in Longham and Ferndown town centres
  • Various schools

Numerous industrial estates and business parks, including Pottery Business Park, Mannings Heath Industrial Estate and Ferndown Industrial Estate

  • To further improve accessibility across the area, the route will also join up with the
  • Merley, Poole to/from Christchurch route at Bear Cross roundabout
  • Bournemouth town centre to/from Ferndown route at Trickett’s Cross roundabout

The route will connect with improvements underway on Wallisdown Road and existing link along Christchurch Road between Parley Cross and the Aviation Business Park. While not part of the TCF programme, these sections are included on the map to help show how the route will join up with other existing facilities and connect with the wider network of new sustainable travel routes.

More information on the Wallisdown Corridor Improvements is available from the BCP website.

About the improvements

A range of improvements are being considered along the route, including:

  • New shelters at bus stops and real-time service information to enhance the customer experience for bus passengers
  • Expansion of smart ticketing via a new app to enable quicker and easier interchange between bus operators and other transport modes
  • Changes to highway infrastructure to help improve bus journey times
  • Safe, dedicated space for cycling, which will be separated from the main carriageway and footway
  • Alternative off-road quiet routes for cyclists avoiding main roads and busy junctions
  • Shared use paths for pedestrians and cyclists, where appropriate
  • New pedestrian crossings and wider footways
  • Junction improvements to give pedestrians and cyclists priority at certain locations
  • Improvements and upgrades to existing walking and cycling infrastructure

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