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Yeomans Way Roundabout - Cooper Dean Roundabout

Merley, Poole to/from Christchurch 

Public consultation on the proposals was undertaken 10 May to 14 June 2021 and a report summarising the results is available here.

Proposals include: 

  • Signal upgrades at Yeomans Way Roundabout and Woodbury Roundabout, providing more priority for buses over the junctions
  • A new protected cycle track installed on the north side of Castle Lane West between Woodbury Avenue and Ibbertson Road, connecting to the existing shared path into Cooper Dean Roundabout
  • A new two-way protected cycle track on the south side of Castle Lane West connecting the service roads
  • Three bus stop locations to be upgraded along the route, which could include accessibility improvements, new shelters and real-time information
  • Changes to the road layout to provide space for cycle track, with one lane of traffic maintained in each direction
  • Improvements made to existing crossing points along the route and more priority for cyclists and pedestrians travelling along Castle Lane West across adjoining roads
  • Existing access point closed to vehicles between Castle Lane West and the parallel service road on the southern side, near Cooper Dean Roundabout

Opportunities for improvements to bus journey times and cycling/walking facilities between Yeomans Way Roundabout and Woodbury Roundabout are also being explored around Castlepoint Shopping Centre and would be subject to further consultation.

Proposed future development on the northern side of Castle Lane East could have a significant impact on the road network in this location. As such, sustainable transport improvements on this section will be considered as the development work progresses.

View the proposed design plan here.

Design work is ongoing and further information will be provided at a later date.


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