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Redhill Roundabout and Castle Lane

Merley, Poole to/from Christchurch

A series of walking, cycling and bus improvements are planned along Castle Lane West and at Redhill Roundabout that will form part of a sustainable travel route running between Merley, Poole to/from Christchurch.

Along with the recently completed Whitelegg Way section of the route, these improvements will mean that there is more than 2.5km of new, safer cycling facilities in the area that will connect to the existing cycle provision along Castle Lane West.

About the plans

From spring 2023 works are planned to be underway on the following improvements:

  • Shared footway and cycleway installed, providing a link for cyclists and pedestrians around Redhill Roundabout
  • New crossings installed at each arm of Redhill Roundabout
  • Existing crossing over Muscliffe Lane to be upgraded to a toucan crossing allowing pedestrians to cross the road in one stage
  • New one-way stepped cycle track on both sides of the road. Cycle track to be separated from carriageway by a sloped kerb, maintaining vehicular access to/from properties
  • Upgrading of crossing points along Castle Lane West
  • Remodelling of Broadway Roundabout to provide separate spaces for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists
  • A few trees and areas of landscaping will be removed. New trees and landscaping will be planted as part of the final layout
  • A range of pedestrian and cycling improvements around Northbourne Roundabout

The proposals listed below remain subject to a separate legal process, and a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) was advertised and consulted on in winter 2022. The comments submitted during the TRO process are now being reviewed and a decision will be made on the outcome of the TRO in due course. Updates on the TRO will be published here.

  • Introducing double yellow lines near the parade of shops by the junction of Castle Lane West and Muscliffe Lane. Three parking spaces would be removed as a result, with the other parking spaces outside the shops unaffected
  • Introducing double yellow lines on Castle Lane West between Redbreast Road North and Lawford Road to create space for a one-way protected cycle track on both sides of Castle Lane West. It would not be possible to park on this part of Castle Lane West as a result
  • The existing on street parking between Redbreast Road North and West Way would be reduced by approximately one car length near the junction of Redbreast Road North
  • Reduction in parking and the introduction of restricted waiting time outside the shop and restaurant on Castle Lane West near Broadway Roundabout
  • Changes to local access near Northbourne Roundabout

More details of the scheme design are on the following maps:

See also:

Site investigation works in early November

From mid-November 2022 to the end of February 2023, we will be carrying out site investigation works at Broadway Roundabout, Castle Lane West and in the Northbourne area to help inform the final design plans. Temporary traffic lights will be required in some locations to allow us to safely carry out the works. They will operate outside of rush hour to minimise traffic disruption and will be removed fully during the Christmas period (9 December 2022 to 3 January 2023).  Advance notice road signs detailing the exact dates of the works will be installed one week beforehand. 

Traffic delays are expected. Please allow extra time for your journeys.  

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Public consultation 

Public consultation about the proposals at Northbourne Roundabout, Redhill Roundabout and along Castle Lane West including Broadway Roundabout was undertaken in February – June 2021. A public information event was held in Bournemouth on 9 November 2022. For the consultation, the proposals were split into three sub-sections:

In addition, having analysed the responses, we have published a responses to issues raised document for each section:


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