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Bear Cross Roundabout

Merley, Poole to Christchurch

Public consultation on the proposals was undertaken 10 May to 14 June 2021. A report summarising the results is available here.

The route would connect with the Poole town centre to/from Ferndown and Wimborne route at the roundabout. 

Proposals include: 

  • On the eastern arm, a new two-way cycle track running through the verge on the northern side of Wimborne Road
  • On the western arm, a new one-way cycle track installed on both sides of Magna Road, with upgrades to street lighting and crossing points
  • On the southern arm, a new shared path on the western side of the road
  • New crossings and shared space around the roundabout, connecting the routes
  • Five bus stop locations upgraded around the roundabout, which could include accessibility improvements, new shelters and real-time information

View the proposed design plan here.

Design work is ongoing and further information will be provided at a later date.


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