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Glenferness Avenue

Glenferness Avenue walking and cycling improvements

Work on new cycling and walking improvements along Glenferness Avenue in Bournemouth is currently underway. The improvements include:

  • Two new bridges for walking and cycling across the railway line either side of the existing road bridge. The existing footbridge on the eastern side of the road bridge will be removed and recycled.  The existing road bridge will remain unaltered
  • Bridge ramps and stepped cycle lanes between Elgin Road and Alyth Road
  • Junction improvements at East Avenue
  • A new toucan crossing just north of East Avenue. 

Glenferness Avenue CGI groupCGI mock-up of the bridge improvements on Glenferness Avenue.

What's happening:

Preparatory work for the installation of the new bridges for walking, wheeling and cycling across the railway line on Glenferness Avenue in Bournemouth started on 30 May 2023 and is now complete.

Work on the installation of the new pedestrian and cycle bridges across the railway line is due to start week commencing 25 September 2023. Two four-metre-wide, 31-metre-long prefabricated bridges will arrive on site ready to be lifted into position over the railway line. 

The start of the installation of the bridges and removal of the existing pedestrian bridge is programmed to take place during a 26-hour window from Sunday 1 October to Monday 2 October 2023. The first new bridge will be lifted into position on the west side of the road bridge by crane and placed onto the precast concrete foundations. This will be followed by the removal and recycling of the existing footbridge. The installation of the new bridge on the east side of the road bridge will complete the process.

Following the bridge installation work, bridge ramps and stepped cycle lanes will be built on Glenferness Avenue between Elgin Road and Alyth Road.  This work is anticipated to complete by December.

Improvements to the junction with East Avenue, and the installation of a new toucan crossing just north of East Avenue is due to compete by the end of February 2024.

The new bridges will give people a separate, safe, traffic free space to walk, cycle and wheel across the railway line. They form a crucial part of a sustainable travel route between Bournemouth town centre and Talbot Woods, Winton and Wallisdown and future plans for the route all the way out to Ferndown.

Traffic management

A temporary road closure and diversion is in place until December 2023 on Glenferness Avenue between Elgin Road and East Avenue. Parking is suspended in some locations.

Access will be maintained for people walking, wheeling and cycling for the duration of the work, except during the bridge installations.

Public consultation

Public consultation on these plans was undertaken 24 February to 31 March 2021. 

All responses were analysed and helped shape the final scheme designs and a report summarising the results of consultation published in addition to our responses to the issues raised.

A public information event was also held on Wednesday 10 November 2021 at Bournemouth University.


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