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Benellen Avenue - Glenferness Avenue

Bournemouth town centre to/from Ferndown

Original public consultation on this route was undertaken in spring 2021 which proposed removing vehicle access between Glenferness Avenue and Branksome Wood Road via a closure on Leven Avenue.

A report summarising the results of consultation has been published here in addition to our responses to issues raised here. View the original design here.


Artist’s impression of proposals at the Leven Avenue / Benellen Avenue / Walsford Road junction (looking north/west)

Having listened to public feedback and reviewed the results of updated traffic and cycle count data collected in the area, BCP Council has decided to no longer progress with the closure.  Designs have been amended to keep the road open but increase safety and improve the area for pedestrians and cyclists by encouraging lower vehicle speeds and discouraging through traffic.The new proposals include:

  • Introduction of a 20mph speed limit zone along Leven Avenue, Walsford Road, Benellen Avenue, Benellen Road, Benellen Gardens and Leven Close
  • ‘Raised speed tables’ (traffic calming measures), narrowing of junctions (kerb buildout) and new signage installed to indicate the 20mph zone boundary, at the junctions of:
  • Glenferness Avenue and Leven Avenue
  • Glenferness Avenue and Walsford Road
  • Glenferness Avenue and Benellen Road
  • Branksome Wood Road and Benellen Avenue
  • Branksome Wood Road and Benellen Garden
  • Branksome Wood Road and Leven Avenue
  • Raised junctions installed at Leven Avenue / Walsford Road / Benellen Avenue, and Benellen Avenue / Benellen Road
  • Raised speed tables installed along Leven Avenue

View the proposed design here.

Public consultation on these new proposals was undertaken 29 March to 6 May 2022 and a public consultation event took place on 5 April 2022.

Further information, results of the second public consultation and final designs will follow prior to the start of construction.

For more information or if you have any questions about the proposal and the consultation please contact:


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