Transforming Travel - Transforming Cities Fund (TCF)

Transforming Travel encompasses the TCF programme to benefit Bournemouth, Christchurch, Poole and Dorset, known as the south-east Dorset city region.

Our Transforming Travel - TCF vision explains what’s at the heart of the programme:

"To create an environment where sustainable travel becomes the obvious transport choice for local journeys – enabling safer journeys to schools, building fairer and easier access to jobs, businesses and activities, tackling inequality - enabling growth and prosperity in the south-east Dorset region as part of our action plan to address the climate and ecological emergency."

How we got here

The TCF is part of the government's Industrial Strategy to improve productivity and prosperity through investment in public and sustainable transport in some of the largest English city regions. 

In June 2019 we submitted a joint bid application with Dorset Council to the Department for Transport (DfT). This was accepted and we were asked to work up more detailed proposals.

In March 2020, along with Dorset Council, our bid was awarded £79m by the government under their TCF scheme. This funding means that we can invest in the largest sustainable travel programme of change to transport infrastructure ever seen in the area. This will transform local travel options and connect local people to local jobs and education.

We were one of twelve city regions to receive funding as part of the £2.5bn that the DfT made available.

Over the next three years we are going to deliver:

  • six sustainable travel routes benefiting from a range of cycle, walking and bus improvements
  • improved network management
  • an expansion of the bike share scheme
  • improvements to workplace/education sites with ‘end of trip’ facilities
  • an introduction of smart ticketing via a new app
  • bus interchange improvements
  • bus infrastructure and public realm works
  • wayfinding and signage
  • safer routes to school.  

TT sustainable travel routes map

Schools and places of work

We will be working with schools, educational facilities, businesses, major employers and business hubs across south-east Dorset to:

  • manage a grant scheme for places of education and businesses to install new facilities for employees
  • promote sustainable forms of transport and local choices and availability as well as promote safer cycling measures  
  • show the benefits of sustainable travel, whether that’s walking, cycling or scooting.

Healthier lives

The programme will enable more people to safely choose walking and cycling as their preferred choice of transport for both leisure and work. We will be working closely with colleagues at Public Health Dorset to help promote the positive benefits.

All of our proposals for sustainable travel consider people with protected characteristics such as those in need of mobility assistance, to open up access to jobs via improved connectivity.

We will talk to local community groups who support people with additional needs as part of our engagement and consultation process.

There are also further health and wellbeing benefits to consider such as reduction in future risk of developing chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease.

Employee wellness programmes, including schemes to increase physical activity levels, can increase productivity, job satisfaction and reduce staff turnover by between 10% and 25%, according to National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) guidelines.

Tackling congestion, easing traffic flow

Another aim of TCF is to reduce road congestion.

Locally 7,000 people drive less than 2km to work each day (prior to the lockdown).

We will implement a series of measures to improve local journey times, including:

  • the creation of a series of local transport corridors
  • improvements to existing bus, cycle and walking routes, that connect homes to places of work, schools and education centres more efficiently
  • improved bus priority at key traffic signal locations
  • new infrastructure and routes around major intersections and roundabouts to improve traffic flow
  • a new system to reduce HGV collisions at Longham Bridge.