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Leigh Road, Wimborne and Colehill Project

We want to create an environment where the use of public transport, cycling and walking becomes the attractive travel choice for local journeys. This will:

  • enable safer journeys to schools
  • create fairer and easier access to jobs
  • tackle inequality
  • enable growth and prosperity in the south-east Dorset region

Eventually sustainable travel can become the first choice for all personal travel. As well as being cheaper than many transport choices, walking and cycling are better for your health and wellbeing.

The infrastructure improvements will benefit everyone who travels locally and helps to improve air quality.

You can read more about the aims and objectives in the executive summary.

Design process

The impact on all road users will be considered. This includes:

  • design modelling
  • notices such as Traffic Regulation Orders
  • access to alternative routes 
  • working with utility companies to plan works in advance to optimise works times
  • working with contractors and other essential works
  • working with local businesses to minimise disruption
  • communication with local residents.

How the changes will be introduced

To support the proposed changes, we may need to make new, or change existing, Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs). These are legal processes which either allow or prevent certain activities on the public highway.

These may include:

  • lower speed limits
  • yellow line parking restrictions
  • parking bays
  • introduction of bus lanes
  • creation of one-way streets
  • banning certain movements like left or right turns or no entry at certain junctions.

Traffic Regulation Orders

As part of the TRO process we will consult with a wide variety of stakeholders, including:

  • the public
  • the emergency services
  • bus companies

When we need to introduce a TRO, the standard procedures will be followed, offering the opportunity for you to let us know your thoughts.

Find out more about TROs with BCP Council and Dorset Council

Cycle paths and space sharing

Our new cycle routes and corridors will be delivered in accordance with central Government guidance.

We will be working with employers, places of work and business hubs to help them access grants to provide more workplace facilities to encourage sustainable commuting.