Make your Journey Green

How to Make your Journey Green

South east Dorset is one of the most congested areas in Britain and Bournemouth is the tenth most congested place in the UK, 93rd most congested in the world. Our area’s unique geography and lack of joined up sustainable travel infrastructure has led to an over-reliance on cars, slower journey times and poor air quality.

Far too many of us are using the car for short journeys that could be undertaken by other, more sustainable means.  No one is saying that we should all get rid of our cars (unless you wish to) but if we want to combat global warming and improve our local environment, then we do need to start thinking about how often we use the car and whether there could be a more sustainable way to get out and about locally to work, school or leisure.

Below are links to some of the most popular ways that you can make your journey greener. Each page has tips on how we can all travel sustainably and in harmony using our new Transforming Travel sustainable network. They also provide links to useful information provided by our partner or supporting organisations.

Enjoy your journey.