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Scooting and E-scooters

E-scooters are an innovative, emission free and fun form of personal transport. They have already been widely adopted in cities across Europe and the USA and are growing in popularity across the UK.

BUT, and this is a very important but: privately owned e-scooters are currently not legal to be used on public roads and land; they can only be used on private land.

However, the Government has recently changed the regulations on e-scooters so that the Department for Transport (DfT) can run a nationwide trial on their usage. The trial is limited to a very specific type of high standard e-scooter, available only via an approved rental scheme. BCP Council is taking part in this nationwide DfT trial and is working in conjunction with the bike and scooter rental company, Beryl Bikes to undertake this trial.

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E-scooters are classified as powered vehicles, so anyone riding a rental e-scooter has to have a full or provisional UK driving licence and will be properly insured for road use as part of the rental agreement.

If you want to find out more about renting an e-scooter or e-bike in Bournemouth and Poole you can visit the Beryl Bikes web site - Beryl e-Scooters join the micro-mobility family - Beryl .

Tips for using Beryl e-Scooters during the Bournemouth and Poole trial:

  • Avoid any roads with a speed limit over 30mph.
  • Check over your shoulder regularly and before moving within a lane.
  • Give yourself time to practise in a low traffic area, especially if it’s your first ride.
  • Stay in your lane and avoid weaving through traffic.

You must not:

  • Register with another person’s driving licence.
  • Ride on pavements, pedestrian areas or anywhere indoors.
  • Ride using someone else’s Beryl account.
  • Ride ‘two-up’ with a passenger. 
  • Ride under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

What to wear:

  • A helmet (advisable).
  • Clothing that allows you to look over your shoulder.
  • Reflective or highly visible clothing.
  • Remove headphones or earpods.

To promote the safe use of eScooters during the trial period, Beryl runs on-street events and in-person 'Scoot Happy' training with trained Bikeability instructors. Dates are announced via beryl's social media channels or for more information email

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