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This may be surprising to some, but driving is an important part of our future sustainable transport strategy. No one is asking people to totally give up their cars, and the rise in the number of electric cars or EVs is certainly going to be a big part of the future strategy. Because of this we are including the requirements of drivers in our plans and providing greater safety by separating cyclists from fast moving traffic where possible and including plenty of pedestrian crossings.

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However, we want to encourage you to use green and healthy alternatives whenever you can, particularly for those shorter journeys. What the Transforming Travel programme is investing in, is a future infrastructure that will provide more transport choices for more people. This will allow for the car to still be used when needed, but for it to be left at home more often, thus reducing congestion and pollution and encouraging people to take greener and more healthy forms of transport.

But if using your car less is not an option due to your location, job or mobility, then there are other options you can take to help reduce your carbon footprint. These could include driving in a more efficient way, joining a car sharing service or investing in an EV when you next change your car.


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