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Buses and Public Transport

Take the Bus!

Imagine taking up to 75 cars off the road and replacing them with one bus! This is the kind of effect that deciding to go by bus rather than driving your car could have. Of course, buses are not full all the time but if more people chose to use buses or other public transport, then there would be a lot less congestion and a lot less emissions.

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Here are some of the reasons to consider going by bus.

  • A fully loaded double-decker bus can take up to 75 cars off the road!
  • If everyone switched just one car journey a month to the bus, there would be one billion fewer car journeys on our roads per year and a saving of 2 million tonnes of CO2.
  • Bus commuters help tackle congestion, which costs the UK economy £11 billion each year and bus commuters generate £64 billion of benefits to the UK economy.
  • According to a University of Sussex study, travelling by bus is good for your mental and physical health. It is a third less stressful than commuting by car and it frees your hands and your head, allowing you to relax, catch up on life admin, read a book, play games on your mobile or even snooze.
  • Walking to the bus stop every working day can, on average, help you achieve half the Government’s recommended 30 minutes of exercise per day. Walking to the next bus stop along can achieve even more!

Morebus is a funding partner in the TCF programme. Alongside the new cycle lanes and walking improvements, the TCF programme will be making improvements in our bus services infrastructure such as new bus stops and shelters, bus priority at key junctions, digital service information boards and changes to bus lanes, in order to improve bus journey times and reliability.

Over and above the TCF programme, the two councils and local bus companies are all working together as part of the National Bus Strategy. You can read more about our local commitments to the NBS here. 

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