Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan

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What is the Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP)?

Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plans (LCWIPs) are an initiative from Central Government asking local authrities to put together a long term strategic approach to identify the walking and cycling infrastructure which is required across an area. LCWIPs need to be in place to attract central government transport funding and the BCP Council LCWIP will be a key part of our Transforming Travel programme.

Public engagement and consultation

The initial consultations on BCP Council's LCWIP has now concluded. The feedback from this engagement is now being colated and will be used in the drafting of BCP Council's full LCWIP.

Once the plan is published there will be further oportunities for you to have your say when formal consultations on the completed plan take place from late October 2021.  Information about the plan and the consultations wil be posted on this page nearer the time.

The BCP Council LCWIP

The LCWIP is an important way of enabling a significant increase in the number of journeys people choose to make by cycle or on foot and help reduce emissions and congestion. The improvements will be designed to be accessible and inclusive, catering for young and old and people with mobility impairments and other disabilities.

Our completed LCWIP will include a network plan showing the strategic cycle routes, key walking routes and core zones where our investment will be targeted. It will also include a prioritised programme of infrastructure improvements for future investment and a technical report containing the analysis that informs the plan.

As well as understanding public views, we are also working with a range of stakeholders to complete the plan. We aim to publish the final LCWIP in early 2022, following consideration and formal adoption by the Council’s Cabinet.

For more general information on BCP Council's Transport Policy, please click here.