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New You Competition

Competition time 

Thank you to everyone to who entered. There were some excellent entries and we're pleased to see so many children excited about active travel.


We’re pleased to announce that these children have won a brand new JD Bug scooter: 

  • Jessica Moors 
  • Dante Wyss
  • Giles Gould 
  • Tishitha Kambham
  • Elsie-May Robertson
  • Calvin Fudge
  • Madeline Underwood
  • Bay Pearson
  • Ethan Thomas
  • Maya Frost
  • Harrison Brown
  • Reuben Bianchi
  • Lily May Wood
  • Bethea Lawford 
  • AiVy Tran
  • Naomi Vassilyev
  • Abigail Moors
  • Richard Bugos
  • Lilly Tran
  • Elisarick Seque
  • Rupika Raja
  • Esmée Shergold
  • Holly Tran
  • Naaz Passi
  • Tejas Shukla
  • Rithavenba Venkatesh
  • Zayn Matin
  • Aurora Brock
  • Maddison Cutler 
  • Alex Deighton

If you any questions, please contact:



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