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The Clean Air Toolkit for Teachers

Our toolkit provides teachers with everything they need to deliver engaging ‘clean-air’ lessons, undertake hands on activities, deliver school assemblies and engage the whole school community about air pollution.

Image of me talking to children Involve

Pick and choose from the toolkit which is broken down into four sections:

  1.  Inform - educate your pupils and yourself about air quality and idling
  2.  Investigate - find out about the extent of the problem at your school
  3.  Involve - share what you’ve learnt with the whole school community
  4. Improve - take action to reduce idling and make the air cleaner at your school 

The toolkit is linked to the national curriculum so could form part of curriculum time. Use all sections and select appropriate activities. 

Alternatively use the ‘inform’ section to raise the issue with the whole school via an assembly and then skip to the ‘involve’ section.

Access the Clean Air School Toolkit for Teachers.

Borrow our hand-held monitors and microscopes

Bring science to life using the toolkit and borrow our hand-held monitors and microscopes to help run some of the investigate activities. Kit is limited so please plan ahead. Email

The Clean Air Schools Toolkit for Teachers PDF - download





We’d love to hear about your campaign

Email with examples of your campaign (such as some of the children’s work) at your school. 

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