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How your school can help tackle air pollution

Why is air pollution outside schools an issue?

Research carried out for UNICEF shows that children are often exposed to higher doses of pollution during the school run and while they are at school, but particularly when they’re outside in the school playground, especially if it is in a more urban area.

Air pollution from idling engines can drift across the school grounds where children are playing or taking part in sports activities.

Children are particularly susceptible to the impact of air pollution as they breathe faster than adults and they tend to be closer to the height of exhaust emissions. Exposure to air pollution puts them at greater risk of developing asthma and increases the frequency of asthma attacks.

Our children deserve clean air to breathe, so it is vital to bring these pollution levels down wherever possible.

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Let’s create clean air schools

Run a school campaign

A ‘Clean Air School Toolkit’ has been created to help infant and junior schools across the BCP region run their very own air quality and anti-idling campaign. The toolkit, with its supporting materials and worksheets, is linked to the national curriculum and provides an off the shelf resource for the whole school community packed full of engaging activities to help inform, investigate, involve and improve.

Download the toolkit and associated resources.

Find out more

If you have any further questions or want to find out more, check out ‘Clean Air for Schools’ toolkit or contact:


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