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Enterprise and skills infrastructure (theme 1)

Our Aims

We will improve the skills and employment opportunities for the people of Boscombe.

How we will achieve our aims?

We will invest in our enterprise sector by supporting local businesses to set up their businesses and remain in Boscombe

We will increase the amount (and diversity) of high-quality, affordable commercial floor space.

We will invest in our existing skills infrastructure and make it easier for local residents to improve their skills and increase their chances of gaining employment.

Through the re-use of the Royal Arcade we will bring back into use the vacant floor space to create jobs and provide an attractive place to shop, work, eat and visit, using the first floor for skills and learning which will be part of a network of similar facilities across Boscombe.

We will seek to purchase the lease of the Kings Park bowling centre and work with the community to establish a wider range of health, well-being and recreation activities, retaining the first floor for skills and learning.