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Celebrate with a street party

Street Parties

To help celebrate the Coronation, we're encouraging residents to organise street parties over the bank holiday weekend on Sunday 7 May. Street parties offer residents the chance to catch up with old neighbours, enjoy meeting new neighbours and make new lifelong friends - or just connect with someone who can bring in your bin when you're away on holiday!

We've made it even easier to hold these street parties by waiving the usual administration fee for street party road closures, so if you're thinking of holding one, please apply by 24 March 2023.

Every year since the idea began in 2009, The Big Lunch has encouraged communities to celebrate their connections and get to know each other a little bit better, coming together in a spirit of fun and friendship. In 2023 The Big Lunch will bring the Coronation celebrations into the heart of every community, so fill out the application form and start planning your party.

If you are organising a street party, please fill out the application form and

  • allow reasonable pedestrian access at all times
  • allow vehicular access for emergencies at all times - please ensure that you allow enough width on one side of the road for a vehicle to access properties
  • erect road closure signs and barriers before the event and remove them when the event finishes
  • clear the public highway (roads, footways and verges) immediately after the event finishes

We are creating a limited number of road-closed signs that will be ready for collection from libraries one week prior to the Coronation weekend. They will be given out on a first-come, first-served basis. You can also make your own sign.

More information on hosting a street party can be found here 

If you are thinking of organising a public event in more streets or on a major road please contact:


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