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Transforming Cities Fund



Transforming Travel is our new overarching initiative to promote changes in the way that people travel in the area. The Transforming Cities Fund (TCF) is the first programme to be delivered under Transforming Travel and will be the largest sustainable transport infrastructure improvement programme ever seen in the area.

BCP and Dorset Councils are working together to deliver this extensive programme which will include significant stakeholder and local community engagement and consultation.


Transforming Travel - A case for change

Infrastructure changes and improvements under the Transforming Travel programme will help create a step-change where sustainable transport becomes the obvious choice for local travel

Transforming Travel - Transforming Cities Fund (TCF)

Revolutionising how we all get about is the overarching ambition of BCP and Dorset Councils' £100 million plus Transforming Cities Fund sustainable transport programme

TCF - Our schemes and network

Find out more about design, planning, routes and road changes under the Transforming Travel - TCF programme

TCF - Timeline

The Transforming Travel - TCF programme encompasses a huge range of projects and schemes, from wayfinding installation, to route and corridor construction, to the launch of a new travel app

Stay up to date

We'll be using a variety of ways to keep you up to date with the project. You can also have your say and get involved with our engagement activities


Working in partnership with other organisations is key to ensuring we create a far-reaching change to local travel options that will see our conurbation equipped and ready for future developments in transport and travel

Alignment with TCF - Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan

As part of our objective to develop an eco-friendly and active transport network, and to align with the TCF objectives, we are working to adopt a Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP)

The new you

Our 'the new you' active travel campaign is aimed at encouraging parents, carers and students to make sustainable travel choices when returning to school this September.