Consultation plan for tranche 2 active travel schemes

The tranche 2 active travel fund aims to increase cycling and walking in the longer term in line with Government objectives set out in Gear Change.

We will be engaging with ward councillors, residents and stakeholders before design work is carried out. It’s important that we understand the views of the public and that these views are considered before the scheme progresses.

Following the announcement that BCP Council has been awarded £1.1M from the second tranche of the active travel funds, we will initially be focussing on engagement of the proposal to introduce a fully segregated cycleway in Baiter and Whitecliff Parks, in line with the bid submitted to Government. Development of other elements of the original bid will depend on the feedback we receive for this proposal.

Planned consultation activity

  • the consultation will primarily be conducted through our engagement platform and promoted through a range of proactive communication activity including media, digital and online
  • information and initial plans will be available to view on the platform. These will outline the rational for the scheme, details of the proposed scheme, timescales and how people can have their say
  • people will be able to provide feedback on the proposed scheme by completing a survey and/or using an interactive map similar to this one
  • people will also be able to write or email to a dedicated address
  • local businesses, residents and key stakeholders (including resident associations) will be informed of the consultation through emails and letter drops
  • on site surveys will be carried out to understand the views of users in the area
  • all feedback and responses will be analysed and necessary changes made to initial plans on account of the feedback
  • once the final scheme is agreed, if required, the formal Traffic Regulation Order process will be followed, giving people a further opportunity to give their views. In addition, a survey will be available asking people for their views on the effectiveness of the scheme
  • feedback will be monitored during the scheme and consideration will be given to any modifications required
  • engagement and consultation will be take place between January and March and will inform the design process starting in April.