Active Travel Schemes

We are taking action to help create a sustainable environment locally. We are implementing trial measures as part of a wider effort to support and encourage walking and cycling. These measures are funded by Government's tranche 1 active travel fund. The tranche 1 active travel fund aims to increase cycling and walking in the longer term in line with Government objectives set out in Gear Change.

Some of these schemes are being implemented under experimental traffic regulation orders allowing residents, businesses and visitors the opportunity to experience the changes and to comment on them before a decision is made on whether to make each scheme permanent. 

Feedback received through these consultations will be used to inform any future decision on whether the experimental closures should be made permanent, changed or removed.

Where low traffic neighbourhoods are planned some experimental road junction closures will be implemented to reduce through traffic. Access to properties will be maintained and the schemes will not include the full pedestrianisation of streets.

Additional measures to support social distancing

In addition to the emergency active travel measures we have also made the following changes to support social distancing:

Gervis Place

  • relocated some bus stands to Westover Road

Poole bus station

  • relocated some bus stands to Kingland Road and Seldown Coach Park

Tuckton bridge

  • introduced a one way walking route

Pedestrian crossings

  • Upgrade of 47 pedestrian crossings to utilise sensors rather than button pressing to call crossing demand and reduce pedestrian wait times.Converts the site to trigger demand once a pedestrian is detected and also reduces wait times for the demand from 30 to 7-10 seconds. Provides increased pedestrian priority and reduces risk of infection.