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What's Phase 3?

Phase 3 is the full roll-out of Smart Place capabilities across the whole of the BCP area, which is dependent upon £120m of inward investment in four key technologies:

Gigabit fibre networks

The creation of a ‘core’ gigabit network and establishment of a neutral host provider will help to accelerate gigabit fibre across the BCP area, delivering the affordable, high-speed digital connectivity that businesses and residents need

5G and wireless networks

High-speed 5G mobile connectivity will help boost productivity, particularly in the digital and advanced manufacturing sectors within the BCP area and beyond. It will also help those businesses that want to exploit this latest technology by building hardware and software such as assistive living devices, drones, robotics, digital platforms etc.

Place-based data insight platform

Comprehensive and coherent place-based data is essential to inform how to improve the wellbeing of our residents, businesses, and communities. A new Place-based Data Insight Platform will receive, analyse and share local data from multiple sources, securely and on a major scale. This will provide local insights and analytics that otherwise would not be available, helping to shape the services of tomorrow.

Smart Place applications and services

The Place-based integrated suite of applications and services will allow residents, businesses and community groups to engage far more effectively with their ‘place’. Tailored for local end-users and visitors, typical applications will support initiatives such as ‘buy local’, better access to learning and skills training, healthier lifestyles and access to support, increased security, better homes, more sustainable travel and much more.

The ‘Smart Place Investment Plan’ describes BCP Council’s unique Smart Place sustainable business model. It sets out the case for inward investment, indicating a strong return for investors whilst also generating a surplus that can be reinvested in further Smart Place development and community initiatives. Once initiated within the BCP area this model can then be extended to other places across the UK and beyond.